2B Electrical Services & supplies Company

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Installation Works

  • Distribution transformer.
  • Medium voltage systems & Low voltage systems.
  • Thermography reports. 


Supply and Installation

  • Oil immersed distribution transformers.
  • Dry distribution transformers.
  • Oil & dry transformers spare parts.
  • Low voltage products.
  • Low voltage switch gears.
  • All types of distribution panels & enclosures.
  • Circuit breakers (Air and molded) case.
  • Medium voltage & Low voltage cables 
  • Medium voltage products.
  • Medium voltage fuses.
  • Ring main units Wiring and cable. 



  • Service of wide range of distribution transformers.
  • Service of Wide range of medium voltage products.
  • Service of wide range of low voltage products.
  • Testing and commissioning of Transformers , medium voltage panels, cables & medium voltage circuit breakers.
  • Applying earth resistance tests.

We are looking forward for building a true maintenance culture, to optimizing maintenance cost and improving plant performance.
By highlighting that Maintenance is more than just a cost of production.