2B The Best Solution to Serve You

2B The Best Solution to Serve You

2B The Best Solution to Serve You 2B The Best Solution to Serve You 2B The Best Solution to Serve You

Who we are :


2B Electrical Services & Supplies

 Our Company is founded on 2016 Located in Cairo, Egypt and we can Offer & cover the following:

- A wide range of general industrial supplies (Floor epoxy painting, Metal-works, Cu & Al. Bars works, Electrical installation accessories, bolts, nuts, washers, hand tools, generators, wires & cables...etc)

- We can Supply, Service & install of wide range of distribution transformers (oil and dry) type transformers.wide range of medium voltage panels and switch gears & wide range of Low voltage panels.

- Applying earth resistance tests.

- We are Working in outsourcing services that support all aspects of organizations.

- From embedding superior safety practices and building a true maintenance culture to optimizing maintenance cost and improving plant performance. 

- We provide several solutions for big, medium and small organizations. 

- We can provide  A Service in a high Quality with an excellent lead time after receiving the customer request.

We have the pleasure to support our customers all over the country areas.

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Contact us : +201094189504  or  Kindly fill the following form

Our target is achieving satisfaction for All customers so Kindly visit us on the following address

Head Office

41 Ahmed Abdel Nabi street, villa 13, El Nozha El Gdida, Cairo, Egypt.

Sales Office 3A St. Mohamed Kamel Hussien , Elnozha Elgedida, Cairo -Egypt

Working Hours


Sunday - Thursday: 9 AM - 5 PM

Saturday: By appointment

Friday: Closed

More Information

Cairo                                                                      Sales Office

Email: info@2b-eg.com 

Mobile: +2  01094189504                                   

Telefax: +2 0226220582                                    Tel: +202-26248872